segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017


Why do you insist that I should close the door?
I know it’s late, but the night preserved the heat
With which the intense afternoon sun almost burned us down
It may be night, but the warm sensation is what matters
In contrast to your bad mood

Why do you insist that I should close my mouth
If I like to talk to myself when I’m alone?
In the absence of an interlocutor who can understand me
And echoes my vain crazy conversation
Made of musical notes, like a solfeggio

Why do you insist that I should not listen
If all I want is to have open ears?
To know what the wind says about me
The trickling of the water in the puddle
And the rustling of the leaves nearby

Why do you insist that I renounce the wine
If it’s the wine that makes me company at night
While I wait in vain for that smile
And that serene look to warm my nest
Making this mansion a little less gloomy?

Why do you insist that I should not feel the night
And its friendly and wholesome companion
If this seems now to be all that remains
To try to escape the pain of your whipping
That is everything now that my soul longs for?

The door, the mouth, the wine, the absent night
Keep me company to cover your fault
Maybe tomorrow comes and brings some news
Like you smiling beautifully and shamelessly
Looking at me with tenderness… and not so much insistence

June 2017


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