sábado, 29 de julho de 2017


01.   A house helper is a MAID, but it sounds like MADE.
02.   A couple can also be called a PAIR, but it sounds like PEAR.
03.   If you are correct you are RIGHT, but it definitely sounds like WRITE.
04.   Although it sounds like WEEK, a person who is not strong is WEAK.
05.   The flesh you eat is called MEAT, but please, don’t eat the people you MEET.
06.   The square root of 64 is EIGHT, but don’t try to spell it as ATE.
07.   There’s a large animal called BEAR; without its fur it would be BARE.
08.   My daughter’s brother is my SON, although a lot of people spell it SUN.
09.   A witness guaranteed he has SEEN the SCENE.
10.   You can only listen if you HEAR, you can only stay if you’re already HERE.

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